About The ERA Foundation


 The ERA Foundation contributes to the economic vitality of the UK by supporting activities that help bridge the gap between research and commercialisation in engineering (with a particular focus on the broad field of electrotechnology).

The Directors of the Foundation all have established backgrounds in industry and academia; they are united by a firm belief in the importance of engineering to the nation’s prosperity and well being. The company is a non profit-distributing organisation.

Alongside its commercial activities, the Foundation provides charitable donations to trusts and professional bodies promoting the importance of UK engineering and supporting young engineers at formative stages of their careers. We sponsor several prizes which encourage entrepreneurship and industrial excellence; we also sponsor and help organise lectures and conferences, and produce reports based on independent analysis, making the case for the critical role engineering and productive industry play in the nation’s future economic health.

The ERA Foundation –

To deliver its objectives the Board of the ERA Foundation seeks, where possible, to work in partnership with others whose objectives overlap with those of the ERA Foundation.

The ERA Foundation is able to offer advice based on the collective experience of its Directors, as well as investment  funding. It is able to take a longer-term perspective than many providers of equity investments.


  Any enquiries on possible funding from the Foundation should be directed to the Foundation’s
Executive Secretary

The ERA Foundation Ltd. Registered in England No 170454