Industrial Doctoral Fellowship 2015

We are pleased to announce that the 2015 Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 ERA Foundation-funded industrial doctoral fellowship are now open for applications.

Applications will close 22 January 2015

Fellowships are awarded to selected, exceptional graduates with the potential to make an outstanding contribution to Industry for a programme of doctoral level research. They are open to company employed candidates or nominated Doctoral Centre / CASE candidates.

The freedom to undertake research that is of benefit to an industry I love has brought me great personal satisfaction and joy.
Dr Sara Ridley, Industrial Fellow 2009

Not only did it afford me the opportunity to embark on a PhD that I could not otherwise have done, it fostered a close partnership between Oxford University and Siemens that allowed us, together, to explore new avenues in PET imaging. Since completing the Industrial Fellowship, my career has taken off and I am now responsible for an innovative and profitable product portfolio I believe wholeheartedly in the vision set forth by the Commission and that there really is no limit when industry combines with academia to break new ground and innovate together.
Dr David Schottlander, Industrial Fellow 2003

The aim of the scheme is to encourage profitable innovation and creativity in British Industry – to the mutual benefit of the Fellow and his or her sponsoring company. Projects in any science or engineering discipline will be considered.

Around 9 awards are made each year, one of which is designated the ERA Foundation Fellow for the electro-technology sector.

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