RAEng – COVID-19 and Supply Chains

Can you help? The Royal Academy of Engineering is conducting a rapid information-gathering exercise to support the sectors COVID-19 response.

The Royal Academy of Engineering is aiming to better understand where engineers can best support the national response to COIVD-19. The exercise is in edition to work which the Academy, alongside its Policy Centre partners is currently conducting to support the response to Coronavirus in the UK.

Specifically, the Academy is exploring how to better generate strong government interest is supply chains.  The rapid information-gathering exercise across the sector is designed to anticipate potential blockages and limiting factors over the next six months. 

The organisation hope this will highlight displacement effects created by the repurposing of production lines to manufacture COVID-19 related products and shortages caused by the reduced operation of factories alongside other economic factors like issues with services and skills.

The ERA is supporting the Acamdies call alongside its other Policy Centre partners.  

The survey is open until May 6th.