The 5% Club Master Class Series

The ERA will be supporting the inaugural 5% Club Master Class Series. These classes will allow participants to exchange solutions to the problems faced by SMEs while learning about best practice.

The 5% Club has staged quarterly best practice events to encourage and inform members with less, little or even no experience of how to run effective formal training programmes. 2021 will see The Club developing focused, more intimate Master Classes to complement their traditional, free online events attended by 80 plus people.

The ERA has chosen to support these events as they encourage participants to bring problems and challenges, to exchange solutions and best practice and learn from each other. The new series will have a more detailed focused theme than previous events, with 20-30 members attending in a ‘round table’ format, featuring a high-profile speaker from the skills sector.

It is the ERAs hope that the high level of interaction and networking facilitated will allow members larger corporate companies to overcome the isolation and challenges that might be limiting their knowledge base and practice.

The Foundation is a strong supporter of SMEs and we the challenges facing them. These challenges often effect those balancing multiple responsibilities who have little or no niche knowledge of skills and apprenticeships.  Our hope is the masterclass will allow attendees the opportunity to drill down into much deepen detail and develop strategies for the future.

The first of these events will be scheduled for post Easter 2021 and will be held online. Further details will be advertised in spring 2021. All events are free to attend and are open to members, any organisations which have expressed interest in the work of The 5% Club, stakeholders and partners

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