ERA Foundation Supports Innovation in Clean Energy and Manufacturing Through Fellowships

The ERA Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of its prestigious fellowships. This year, the Enterprise Fellowships and Industrial Fellowship, awarded in partnership with the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, support innovation in clean energy and manufacturing.

“We are incredibly proud to support these outstanding innovators through our fellowship programs,” said Andrew Everett, CEO of the ERA Foundation. “Their groundbreaking work in clean energy and manufacturing aligns perfectly with our mission to promote high tech British engineering and drive economic prosperity. We have no doubt that their projects will make a significant impact in their respective fields.”

Sanzhar Taizhan, TaiSin Energy – Enterprise Fellowship

Sanzhar Taizhan of TaiSin Energy was awarded the May 2023 Enterprise Fellowship for his work on developing best-in-class sodium-ion battery technology. TaiSin Energy aims to make battery tech sustainable, efficient, and affordable for electric mobility by eliminating the need for lithium, cobalt, and nickel metals.

TaiSin Energy has developed a novel “hexagonal” battery format that increases structural integrity and volume availability by 20%. These batteries feature low internal resistance, enabling fast charging and high thermal conductivity for effective cooling and heating. The company also uses physics-informed neural networks to track chemical reactions inside every battery, allowing for accurate life cycle predictions.

Alex Shakeshaft, Enturi – Enterprise Fellowship

Alex Shakeshaft of Enturi received the November 2023 Enterprise Fellowship to support the development of Enturi’s game-changing micro wind turbine design. Building on two years of extensive design work, Enturi has developed a patent-pending turbine that offers compact and high-efficiency clean power generation to diversify the UK’s green energy portfolio.

With this core turbine technology, Enturi is developing the Enturi aeroCharger and Enturi eStation—portable single-turbine (6kW) and multi-turbine (20-100kW) distributed energy systems for the UK maritime sector. These non-grid-connected renewable energy systems are designed for rapid implementation and relocation and are backed up with an ISO-compliant IoT system for secure data interoperability and transparency. Enturi’s solutions could provide clean coastal and portside energy generation and storage to decarbonise operations without the broader impacts of current wind and solar solutions.

Paul McHard, HAL Robotics – 2023 Industrial Fellowship

Paul McHard from HAL Robotics was awarded the 2023 Industrial Fellowship. He will work with the University of Glasgow, supported by the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland, on a project titled “Autonomous Robotic Detection and Correction of Surface Defects in Manufacturing.”

McHard’s research project will develop HAL.AutoCorrect is an AI-based solution that autonomously detects, characterises, and corrects surface defects in manufactured parts during production.

This innovative software aims to improve manufacturing efficiency by reducing costs, energy consumption, material waste, and productivity loss. HAL.AutoCorrect will utilise computer vision, deep learning, and adaptive robotic programming to function fully autonomously without human intervention at any stage.

By supporting these talented individuals through the Enterprise Fellowships and the Industrial Fellowship, the ERA Foundation continues to foster innovation, creativity, and excellence in British engineering. The Foundation remains committed to promoting the high tech  engineering and manufacturing sector and ensuring that economic and regulatory conditions allow the industry to thrive.

Notes to Editors

The Enterprise Fellowships, awarded by the ERA Foundation in partnership with the Royal Academy of Engineering, are designed to support innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial engineers who want to develop their ideas further. The program equips awardees with the skills, confidence, and experience to bring their innovative ideas to life. Each Fellowship provides equity-free funding, tailored mentoring and training, help with PR, marketing, and promotion, and access to the Royal Academy of Engineering’s drop-in workspace in central London. The Academy has provided training, mentoring, and £4.5 million seed funding to 137 Enterprise Fellows.

The ERA Industrial Fellowship, awarded in collaboration with the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, aims to encourage profitable innovation and creativity within British industry. The Fellowship supports exceptional graduates working in the electro-technology sector who have the potential to make an outstanding contribution to the industry through a doctoral-level research program. The ERA Foundation has worked with the Royal Commission to award this annual Fellowship for several years.