Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

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Encouraging entrepreneurship and industrial excellence

Supporting organisations and individual entrepreneurship

The ERA Foundation conducts a range of activities which are designed to encourage entrepreneurship and industrial excellence in organisations and individuals.

Also relevant to our work in support of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship are the awards we have made with partners including the Partnership with Education Award at The Manufacturer MX Awards, the IT award under Manufacturer of the Year, the Best Start-up Prize under the IET’s Innovation Awards and the EEF Manufacturing photography competition.

The ERA Foundation invest in start-up and young technology companies

Where possible, The ERA Foundation will work with other investors providing early-stage funding. The Foundation is a Limited Partner in the MTI’s University Premier Fund and the Longwall Ventures ECF.

The ERA Foundation’s direct investments in start-ups and young technology companies are based on an initial first-round investment, then subsequent investment in following funding rounds as circumstances require. When making such investments, the Foundation nominatesn a Non-Executive Director to the company’s board in order to oversee the investment and to provide advice.

You can find more information on our past investments here.

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