Supporting The Next Generation

Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships, Awards, Lectures, Debates, Reports and Prizes

We look, in particular, to support young people at formative stages of their careers.

Our valued partners and activities have, amongst others, included Science Made Simple, Engineering Explained, Women’s Engineering Society, Institute of Mechanical Engineers, and Imagineering.

The Foundation currently supports the following portfolio of activities.

  • Arkwright Scholarships for A-level STEM students who aspire to be future leaders of the Engineering Profession – we fund five scholarships a year through the Arkwright Trust.
  • Smallpeice – we support the residential course “Physics into Engineering” for students in years 9 and 10 and the “Girls Into Engineering” Residential Course.
  • Royal Institution Master Classes in Engineering –The programme of Saturday masterclasses for Year 9/10 students, piloted at Imperial College, has been rolled out to other centres.
  • IET Diamond Scholarships – seek to encourage high-achieving students to choose to study engineering at university and in particular to choose courses which have been accredited by the IET for their excellence. The ERA Foundation has supported over 20 such scholarships.
  • Engineering Development Trust – with our support, offer a national programme of Inspire courses with an engineering theme aimed at Year 11 (aged 15/16) students, in particular girls. Inspire offers lectures, seminars and practical workshops and recognises that the transition to A-levels is a particularly critical time for girls when considering their choices.
  • Engineering UK –  our funding is helping to ensure the success of Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Competition by enabling more students to participate. The Finals of the Competition are held at the Big Bang Fair.

Lectures, Debates, Reports and Prizes

Raising the profile of engineering and manufacturing industry

The ERA Foundation seeks to raise the profile of engineering and manufacturing industry through supporting lectures, seminars and conferences and by sponsoring awards.

We provide sponsorship for the National Manufacturing Debate and offer regular support for events run by the Foundation for Science and Technology and the IET’s Harvey Prize. We have also supported the R&D Society, Smart Club, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Institute of Physics, Royal Academy of Engineering amongst others.

We also commission work to consider how we, as an engineering community, can better communicate engineering and its role. For example, with our partners in Luther Pendragon, we produced a review entitled “Changing perceptions: opening people’s eyes to engineering” which continues to shape our work and those of our partners.

Through the Clark Prize, we recognise the important role those involved in education play in inspiring young people. The prize seeks to reward an exceptional teacher, technician or educational advisor who has gone the extra mile in motivating young people to consider engineering as a profession and career.

We have supported the Partnership with Education Award at The Manufacturer MX Awards, the Best Start-up Prize under the IET’s Innovation Awards and the EEF Manufacturing photography competition.

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