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influencing and informing policy

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UK Manufacturing

Influencing and informing policy to support manufacturing in the UK

The ERA Foundation supports the annual National Manufacturing Debate at Cranfield University and has partnered with the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, Institute of Engineering and Technology and The Manufacturer in providing awards for recognising the UK’s best manufacturing companies.

In promoting the importance of engineering and manufacturing, the Foundation is collaborating, or has had collaborations, with the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Engineering and Technology, the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, the Royal Society, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Civitas, Policy Connect, Oxford Innovation/SQW, and Made Here Now. We are members of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Manufacturing (APMG) and are subscribers to the Gibson Index.

The ERA Foundation produces a range of studies and reports designed to inform and influence policy and the operational environment for manufacturing companies in the United Kingdom.

Through these published reports, the Foundation promotes the importance of manufacturing to the nation’s economic health and provides recommendations on how the sector can be even more successful. We hope to build a greater understanding of such issues and recommendations with politicians, policy makers, funders, opinion formers, and the wider public.

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