ERA Foundation supports Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Hub

The ERA Foundation is supporting the setting up of the Royal Academy of Engineering's new Enterprise Hub

The Enterprise Hub will bring about a step change in the success of high-potential UK-based entrepreneurial technology businesses and the contribution that they make to UK economic growth. The Hub will harness the extraordinary expertise, insight and networks of Academy Fellows, who include some of the UK’s most successful technology entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The Hub is designed to:

  • Identify, mentor and develop high potential entrepreneurs with great propositions;
  • Accelerate access to finance and routes to market;
  • Celebrate UK success stories; and
  • Deliver authoritative, independent policy advice to improve the UK climate for entrepreneurship and growth.

The Hub is aimed at

Entrepreneurs: The Hub offers ambitious and capable engineering and technology entrepreneurs an exceptional opportunity:

  • Recognition, credibility and increased profile
  • Access to networks including potential investors and corporate partners, both UK-based and international
  • Mentoring, support and advice from some of the UK’s most successful technology entrepreneurs and engineering business leaders
  • Peer support from the other Enterprise Hub affiliate businesses.

Investors: By effectively cherry picking the best technology start-ups and SMEs and giving them the backing of elite mentors, the Academy aims to remove substantial risk from investment transactions. A significant number of investors have already expressed a desire to collaborate with the Hub and from the clusters of investors already engaged it is anticipated that funds in excess of £1bn could, under the right circumstances, be available for deployment by businesses affiliated with the Enterprise Hub.

For policy makers: The Hub will be a source of independent, expert advice on matters concerning innovation and entrepreneurship and the contribution that they make to UK economic growth.