Support for Young Engineers

The ERA Foundation has provided a second year of support for Young Engineers

This encouragement for young people to consider a career in engineering complements our support through the Arkwright and Smallpeice Trusts and the Royal Institution engineering master classes.

The purpose of Young Engineers is to inspire young people to develop an interest in engineering and in doing so recognise the importance and excitement of engineering as a future career. To do this Young Engineers runs a national Engineering Club Network and holds a wide range of National Competitions.

The Club Network supports the setting up of extra-curricular engineering clubs and enriches the activities of existing clubs. Young Engineers acts as an information hub providing details on all the quality UK youth engineering initiatives available

Young Engineers run a wide variety of national competitions and activities covering ages 7 to 19. Competitions are an excellent way of engaging students and adding extra excitement to engineering activities and provide wonderful opportunities for students to work together and for engineers to lend their expertise. Advice and support is offered to competition entrants to give them the best possible chance of success in all of these activities.

Competitions and activities are open to all UK based students whether in school, college, home educated, youth groups or clubs. STEM Challenge Days are available to both Primary and Secondary school students and form part of the ever expanding range of activities. Students are placed in groups and set a challenging ‘design and make’ project.

These improve creative thinking, problem solving and team working and are inspiring and fun for everyone. STEM Challenges help to build confidence and develop inter-personal skills which can also improve students’ performance in class. Popular and a great addition to school life, these challenges can be designed to form an integral part of the curriculum demonstrating the many and varied links between and within the STEM subjects and the wider curriculum.