New Award – The David Clark Prize

The ERA Foundation are thrilled to announce the The David Clark Prize. This new prize seeks to reward an exceptional teacher who has gone the extra mile in inspiring young people to consider engineering as a profession and career.

The successful prize winner will have gone beyond what is required in the teaching syllabus and will be able to demonstrate a strong track record of showcasing real world engineering to students and/or otherwise inspiring them.

The prize is open to those working in primary schools, secondary schools or colleges.

A single prize will be awarded each year and nominations will be made through selected organisations involved in working with schools/colleges to promote engineering. These organisations will be asked to nominate appropriate individuals based on their network of contacts within schools.

The award will comprise a £2k personal award for the prize winner (i.e. with no restrictions on use) and a further £3k for the school to be used to further promote engineering within the school; it is envisaged that the prize winner will help determine how the funds should be spent.

The prize winner will also become a fellow of the ERA Foundation.

The assessment criteria will include:

  • The vision offered for engineering
  • Level of creativity shown  in shaping their work with young people
  • The success that the teacher has had with young people (both in terms of numbers reached and the difference this has made to them)

Evidence against the criteria to support the nomination should principally be drawn from work that has been done over the last 5 years i.e. since September 2011 although the Foundation will consider nominations where the case is based on a sustained contribution over a longer period.

There is a 500 word limit to the nomination section. We reserve the right to reject proposals that exceed that limit.

Completed nominations must be submitted by Friday 20th January 2017 to

The prize winner will be announced by April 2017