2016 Clark Prize – Alexander Cooke

The ERA are delighted to announce Alexander Cooke as the winner of the 2016 David Clark Prize.

Alexander Cooke was one of only four teachers nationally who were shortlisted.

We would like to add our congratulations to them all for their achievements and continued commitment to STEM teaching.

Alex is Assistant Principal responsible for STEM, and a Specialist Leader of Education in Essex, working to improve the quality of Mathematics and raising the profile of STEM in our partner Schools. Alexander is a trained Civil engineer graduating from Leeds University, and has spent some time in the Royal Corps of Engineers.

Alexander leads a team of outstanding science and engineering practitioners that have transformed how STEM is seen in the School and Local area. Working with some of the poorest and most challenging students, STEM tailors the curriculum and Engineering enrichments to show them what they can achieve and guide them to reach their potential.

Projects have included an underwater ROV which is completed and ready to go on a diving trip this month, Green-power electric cars, high-altitude balloons, raspberry pi programming clubs, robotics, as well as advice guidance and mentoring. STEM also runs a very successful “Girls in Engineering” programme, providing them with mentoring and work experiences with companies like Network Rail and BT.