Born to Engineer – Ben Ryan

Sol Ryan had to have his arm amputated 10 days after giving birth. When his father Ben saw the prosthetics that were available for small children, he knew that it wasn’t good enough for his son.

Learning product design and engineering skills and with the support of the Bangor University Engineering Department, Ben has designed and built a new type of 3D printed hydraulic prosthetic for children. Now he’s started a company to make affordable custom-fitted, bespoke prosthetics for children all around the world.

Ben Ryan is a teacher in Psychology and Applied Science and a self-taught design engineer.

‘Born to Engineer – Ben Ryan’ is the latest film in a series produced for the ERA Foundation.

‘Born to Engineer – Ben Ryan’ is part of the “Born to Engineer” series of films produced for the ERA Foundation by Duck Rabbit as part of a campaign to attract young people into engineering education and careers.

These videos have been produced by creative video producers duckrabbit, under the sponsorship of the ERA Foundation, the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, and the Institution of Engineering and Technology.