2018 Clark Prize – Jamie Costello

The ERA is delighted to announce Jamie Costello from Sutton Grammar School as the winner of the 2018 David Clark Prize.

Jamie Costello was one of three teachers shortlisted this year.

Runners-up for the 2018 prize were Neal Hammersley from Kingsway School, Cheadle and Tracey O’Connor from Bishop Challoner Catholic College, Birmingham. We want to add our congratulations to all three for their achievements and continued commitment to STEM teaching.

Over the last 20 years, Jamie has worked as to teach and promote STEM subjects. In the last decade, Jamie has focused his attention on the UK Engineering skills gap.

Last year 25% of Jamie’s Sutton Grammar school leavers went on to study Engineering degrees. His exceptional Engineering provision has also helped Sutton Grammar produce some of the country’s best young engineers.

Jamie has championed enrichment activities. His students have created high altitude balloons, satellite-tracked ocean drifters, remote space weather stations, solid-state particle detectors and remotely operated underwater vehicles.

Jamie is very proud that over 50% of his school’s KS4 pupils attend ‘STEM’ lessons after school each week which he attributes to creating a fantastic spirit amongst his pupils and staff.

In 2014 Jamie organised one of the first school-based “Big Bang” science fairs. Having built on that success year-on-year; 2018 will see it become the first regional fair to be open to the public.

The ERAF has previously supported Jamie’s work with professional engineers to develop project Vertigo – a small device that combines an accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS to tell you exactly where you have gone and how fast you were going. Through Project Vertigo he is working with his local community and several schools throughout the UK to navigate and overcome difficulties initiating engineering enrichment.

We congratulate Jamie on his vision to promote engineering in an engaging manner. We look forward to his future success and the impact he has on the next generation of young Engineers.