WISE Annual Conference 2019

The ERA Foundation is delighted to be a sponsor of the 2019 WISE Annual Conference.

WISE’ success in helping women currently in the workforce to develop their skills and careers as well as attracting more young women into the STEM professions aligns closely with the Foundation’s priorities.

The UK is in desperate need of more engineers and the work of WISE is helping tap into a vast pool of talented, innovative young women who may never have previously considered a career in that profession.

Find out more about the conference at wisecampaign.org.uk

Working in Partnership – Born to Engineer

The Foundation has built its reputation on working in close partnership with a number of leading organisations. Major institutional partners include the Royal Society, The Royal Academy of Engineering, The Royal Commission of 1851, Engineering UK and the IET. Our STEM and Design skills delivery partners include WISE, STEM Learning, Smallpeice Trust and the Design and Technology Association (DATA).

As an independent foundation with a highly experienced and commercially minded board, we can move quickly to help catalyse new and innovative areas of activity with which other partners can then engage and help place on a long term, sustainable footing.

Our “Born to Engineer” campaign is aimed to create a high-quality cohort of leading engineering sixth formers and undergraduates to be the face of a national campaign to encourage more young people, and particularly girls, into engineering.

Editors Notes.

The ERA Foundation is grant-giving organisation which contributes to the economic vitality of the UK by supporting engineering skills development and by helping bridge the gap between engineering research and its commercialisation. Our history means we have a particular interest in electrotechnology’s, but we maintain a broad interest in all of engineering especially in our work supporting young people.

Much of our activity is in partnership with other organisations or individuals. All our partners have a significant stake in what we do and how we do it. Our work involves: informing and promoting a supportive UK policy environment for industry; developing future UK engineers; and supporting excellence in enterprise and entrepreneurship through awards and investments in fledgeling Electro-Technology-related companies.

The ERA Foundation is an institution deeply rooted in its electrical research origins in 1920, growing to be the UK’s first “privatised” research association. By 1979 ERA Technology Ltd was Britain’s leading independent electric and electronic technology consulting organisation. In 2003 the entire issued share capital of ERA Technology was sold to Chobham PLC and the proceeds used as the basis for the ERA Foundation’s funds. Since that date, the ERA Foundation has contributed to the economic vitality of the UK by supporting engineering skills development.