National Symposium on Developing Socially Responsible STEM Professionals

The ERA is pleased to announce our support for the annual 'National Symposium on Developing Socially Responsible STEM Professionals' hosted by City, University of London

The ERA believes firmly in promoting socially responsible Engineering to the next generation of STEM professionals.

To further this goal we are supporting the ‘National Symposium on Developing Socially Responsible STEM Professionals’ which will bring together experts and stakeholders from academia, industry, charities and government organisations together to debate different aspects of developing the next generation of socially responsible professionals (SRP).

The Symposium aims to develop next generation of STEM and STEAM (including Arts) professionals so they are better aware of the impact of their decisions, the role of ethical behaviour and professional activities on the society, environment, resources and people and have working knowledge to use tools that will help them to optimise the impact.

The Symposium will start with a series of keynote addresses and then have an open debate on the issues with the audience in the afternoon. A report on the discussions will be published after the symposium.

This year the symposium will encourage informed discussion around:

  • Identify the common ground across the STEM professionals on social responsibility and let them share best practice.
  • Develop a skills base for SRP-STEM that future learners can use in their professional decision making, that accounts for evolving social needs.

The symposium will cover education and research aspects of developing the professionals and will include active discussions and debate on the following topics:

  • Diversity, unconscious bias and equality
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Global sustainable programmes
  • Cultural differences and practice
  • Legislation and regulation
  • Business and research ethics
  • Circular economy
  • Leadership and social value
  • Privacy, identity and data protection

The event is free to join and will take place on 12th January 2021 at 09:00

Find out more about the event and book your place at