STEM Learning – 10 new ENTHUSE Partnerships

The ERA Foundation and STEM Learning are working together to create ten new ENTHUSE Partnerships to transform STEM career prospects

The ERA Foundation has teamed up with STEM Learning to provide 10 new ENTHUSE Partnerships. Each of these partnerships will transform the future prospects of hundreds of young people by providing them with access to resources and opportunities they would not have otherwise had.

STEM Learning is a leader in STEM education in the UK. It is known for delivering teacher CPD (continuing professional development) in STEM subjects, bringing STEM role models into schools as part of its STEM Ambassador Programme and providing bespoke, long-term support for groups of schools.

The ENTHUSE Partnerships programme has already proven extremely successful in inspiring young people in STEM subjects.

The programme allows groups of schools and colleges to work together to address local issues of low uptake or underachievement in STEM subjects through career collaboration with companies. This educator-led model builds capacity and capability across all partners involved, whilst encouraging sustainable change. The Partnerships aim to deepen relationships with local employers, utilise the wider package of support provided by STEM Learning, and increase the number of young people taking up STEM subjects.

The ERA Foundation will be donating £200,000 over a three-year period to support the development of skills in electech manufacturing. This will ensure that young people who would otherwise miss out on STEM opportunities on their doorsteps are able to follow a rewarding STEM career pathway.

The funding will allow for the teacher CPD and placements to boost confidence in equipping young people with STEM skills, access to free resources, setting up extra-curricular STEM Clubs and arranging teacher placements with local electech employers.

The funding will allow for the teacher CPD and placements to boost confidence in equipping young people with STEM skills, access to free resources, setting up extra-curricular STEM Clubs, arranging teacher placements with local electech employers and students will be offered research placements during the three-year period. This will help improve teaching practices and give the opportunity for young people to gain real-world experience in industry.

The schools and colleges will be linked up with STEM Ambassadors (STEM professionals who will visit classrooms to offer young people a role model and share real life experiences of a STEM career) to create a network of ‘Electrotechnologies Ambassadors’.

Gill Collinson, Director of Education & Programmes at STEM Learning explained “we’re delighted to be establishing a long-term collaboration with The ERA Foundation. Electech is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the UK, and it’s vital that we work with employers to ensure a future pipeline of STEM talent.

“As a Chartered Engineer, my background is in electrical engineering and manufacturing, so I’m particularly passionate about giving young people as many vocational and academic opportunities as possible and showing them the fascinating, varied and rewarding roles which are available to them. This is exactly what these ENTHUSE Partnerships will provide.”

Sir Christopher Snowden, Chair of the ERAF Foundation said “the ERA Foundation is delighted to support STEM Learning through its ENTHUSE Partnerships to help transform the future prospects of thousands of young people enabling them to follow careers in engineering, technology and science. UK industry has a growing need for talented young engineers, and this initiative provides a route for young people who might otherwise have missed out on the exciting career opportunities that the electech industry has to offer.”

The donation will support 8-10 schools to join the partnerships programme in areas where there are a growing number of SMEs in electech industries.

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