David Clark Prize 2023

The ERA Foundation is now accepting nominations for the 2023 David Clark Prize. The prize recognizes exceptional educators who have gone above and beyond in inspiring young people to pursue engineering as a profession and career

The ERA Foundation David Clark Prize recognizes exceptional educators in the United Kingdom who have gone above and beyond in inspiring young people to consider engineering as a profession and career.

This prestigious prize is awarded annually to two educators, one working in primary schools and one in secondary schools, colleges or UTCs. Both winners will have gone demonstrably beyond what is required in the teaching syllabus and will have a strong track record of showcasing real-world engineering to students and inspiring them to pursue careers in this field.

Nominations are encouraged from individuals who meet the criteria, as well as selected organizations that work with schools and colleges to promote engineering.

The awards for the prize winners include a £3,000 personal award, and a further £12,000 for the school to be used over three years to further promote engineering within the school. We intend for the prize winner to play a key role in determining how the funds will be spent.


The criteria for selection include:

  • A vision for technology and design (or other STEM subjects) education that could inspire and lead to a successful career in engineering
  • The level of creativity shown in shaping the nominee’s work with young people
  • The success the nominee has had in their interaction with young people, both in terms of numbers reached and the difference made in their lives

The nominee’s contributions should be based on work conducted within the last five years, but sustained contributions over a longer period may also be considered.

The nomination section should not exceed 600 words, and submissions that exceed that limit may be declined. The selection process will be conducted by a panel of ERA Foundation board members, and it is crucial that the nomination accurately reflects the candidate’s qualifications to ensure fair evaluation by the panel.

In addition to the written submission, candidates are encouraged to submit a short video of no more than 1 minute in length showing some of their work, with contributions from students, colleagues, or industry partners if appropriate.

Submit an Application

To submit an application you must complete an application form.

Completed nomination forms be submitted by Friday, 10th March 2023 to andrew.everett@erafoundation.org. If you have created a short video please attach it to the email or provide an accessible link to review the video.

Prize winners will be announced at the ERA Annual Dinner in May 2023. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted beforehand.

The ERA Foundation believe that this is a great opportunity to showcase and celebrate the work of educators who are making a significant impact in inspiring the next generation of engineers. Please submit your nomination today, or share the competitions with friends and colleagues who you believe should be celebrated for their work.

Image Credit. ‘Mechanical engineers develop sustainable agricultural robotics’
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