Toilet Cleaning Robot – An engineering themed musical

The ERA Foundation was thrilled to support this years 'Kids Invent Stuff' Musical.

The ERA Foundation has always supported a broad range of activities around encouraging STEM learning. However, when ‘Kids Invent Stuff’ pitched their latest musical we can honestly say it was quite unlike anything we have supported before.

The Toilet Cleaning Robot is Kids Invent Stuff first engineering themed musical. The video was inspired by a number of children contributions but especially by 6-year-old Erin who invented & drew the world’s first toilet cleaning robot.

Kids Invent Stuff is the YouTube channel where 4-11 year olds have the chance to get their invention ideas built by engineers Ruth & Shawn. The channel is built around giving primary school kids an opportunity to engage with real engineering projects and each month the team issues a different challenge. Most ideas creative inventions are showcased on our channel and each month one idea is built and tested on camera.

While the ERA Foundation understand the importance of supporting and engaging with young adults and secondary age students and their careers pathways, the energy and passion Ruth and Shawn have shown in their work engaging younger engineers is just as important at ensuring engineering is seen as a possible career to a broad range of young students.

If you know any young Engineers the channel is a must-watch.