The ERA Foundation – 2021 in Review

The last year has proved to be a successful one for the Foundation as the Engineering sector worked through the practicalities of Brexit and the continuing challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Against this backdrop the Foundation has continued its commitment to a portfolio of activities; supporting the UK’s technology manufacturing and promoting engineering to the next generation of engineers.

In January 2021 the Foundation supported Brendan Digney through its RAEng Enterprise Fellowship. Brendan runs Machine Eye, which uses AI and Computer Vision based systems to make industrial workplaces safer. 

In May 2021 the ERA Foundation Enterprise Fellowship was awarded to to Naomi McGregor, developer of Movetru – wearable technology that provides the user with information to correct their alignment and improve mobility between physiotherapy sessions while creating a long-term medical history with a numerical analysis of the user.

In November 2021, the ERA Enterprise Fellowship was awarded to Henry Harrod, co-founder & CEO of Fourier Audio Ltd. Fourier Audio works to support sound designers on live productions, enabling them to create amazing new sonic worlds and revolutionise the audience’s listening experience.

Liam Bussey was awarded the Industrial Fellow for the 1851 Commission for his work on developing faster, better 5G though new quantum optical techniques.

In December we welcomed Anna, Lahari, Craig, Benji and William as our new Arkwright Scholars. The Scholarship will support their combined interests in Mechanical, Robotic, Aerospace, Computer and Biomechanical Engineering.

Our policy development partner, Policy Connect, have used their considerable expertise to focus government awareness on the real needs of the manufacturing sector in the current chaotic environment, and were proud to support both its Supporting UK Manufacturing Skills in a post Covid-19 world report and Manufacturing Resilience Report.

The year also saw a number changes within Foundation. Keith Robson stepped away after a successful three year posting as Executive Secretary. In that time he spearheaded the STEM Accord initiative, strengthen our relationships with partners and worked to rebrand the foundation. We were pleased to welcome Andrew Everett as our new CEO and Executive Secretary in July and hope he will build on Keiths success.

Sir John O’Reilly retired from the ERA Board after 13 years of continuous service to the Foundation after joining the ERA Foundation as a Director in July 2008. He had worked as both as a board member and as the Foundation’s Chair.

The Foundation was delighted to welcomed Professor Dame Helen Atkinson and Professor Bashir M. Al-Hashimi as members of the our Board in September. Professor Dame Helen Atkinson is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing at Cranfield University and Professor Bashir M. Al-Hashimi is best known for his work as energy-efficient computing and systems engineering.